Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall 2015 Landscape Award

The home of Derris and Tima McGuthry-Banks at 12704 Norwood Lane stands out with a thoughtful and environmentally friendly landscape.  Two rain barrels catch rainwater from the downspouts on the front of the house.  Also, a low lying area has been crafted to absorb any standing rainwater.  There is a healthy and well-maintained lawn.  A variety of flowering plants add color -- chrysanthemums in different fall shades.  Also, the remaining annuals provide a pop of color along the inviting path from the street to the front door.  Interestingly, the silver foliage of dusty miller echoes the color of the house. (Jean Rositol, selected 10/14/15)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Summer 2015 Landscape Award

A profusion of color bursts forth from the corner garden of Thomas Berhane and his wife Emebet Habte at 12208 Autumnwood Lane, earning them the Tanta-Cove Summer Landscape Award.  At a time when many of our gardens are finally succumbing to the summer heat, this yard boasts many flowers at their peak of bloom.  Though the daylilies have just begun to fade, white daisies, purple coneflowers, and wispy lavender-blue Russian sage dot the landscape with their varied forms while tucked among diverse shades of small evergreens.  Pale pink and deep fuchsia crepe myrtles add color higher up.  Yet even when the blooms eventually do fade, there will remain a rhythm of anchor plantings that continue to impress such as magnolia and juniper.  Dappled hues of pink and white caladium first greet the visitor at the base of the entry walk.  Liriope and small hollies methodically outline the steps upward.  Ultimately, the front door is flanked by graceful banana plants giving one the feel of entering a tropical oasis.  All in all, the garden is a lovely display of the kinds of plants that will thrive in our area.
(Karin Thomas & Carol Pica, selected 7/29/15)

Spring 2015 Landscape Award

The Spring 2015 Landscape Award goes to Aaron and Betty Ruthe, whose beautiful yard is located at 12601 Monterey Circle.  Corner lots are notoriously difficult to landscape well, as they are seen from multiple viewpoints; however, the Ruthes have managed to create a design that leads the eye around the house, from side to side, with an array of shapes, color and textures that are in proportion to the ranch-style home.  The magnolia near the front door provides a pop of spring color, while the manicured shapes of the shrubbery lining the walk invite further exploration of the foundation beds, as well as the plantings in the side yards.  Congratulations to the Ruthes for their meticulously cared-for landscape!

Honorable Mention -- also worthy of note:

  • 1205 Firth of Lorne, home to Warren McGriff, is anchored by mature trees on either side of the front of the house and is pleasantly surrounded with a variety of plantings whose color, shape, height and texture enhance the front entrance and also complement the plantings in the neighbor’s yard!
  • 12501 Monterey Circle, the residence of Gene and Jennifer Pohren and family, displays a variety of plantings, all of which are well-maintained and to scale with the one-story home.  This is a good example of a transitional garden on hold until the weather warms and flowering plants can be added to the landscape.
  • 12904 Argyle Circle, owned by Karen Finnegan, shows an inviting array of plants of differing heights, textures and colors that pull the eye up the hilly front yard to the front door.  The shrubs chosen for this landscape are well-pruned; the mature trees are balanced by the ground cover and azaleas.
(Marge Stevens & Rosemary Weller)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall 2014 Landscape Award

Our selection for Fall 2014 goes to Josue Saravia and his wife Maria Herrarte who reside at 409 Troon Circle.  This property poses quite a challenge because it is cited on the corner with West Tantallon Drive.  The 'front of the house' is on Troon Circle but the homeowners had to pay just as much attention to the side and the rear of the house.  In fact, what really impressed the judges was that all aspects of the home have been beautifully enhanced and maintained throughout this past summer.  The selection of plant material is both suitable for the site and aesthetically pleasing because it does not dominate the building.  Mature trees provide a backdrop for the property.  The lot has a considerable slope in the back which has been artfully contained by a wrought iron fence and a retaining wall.  The landscaping is well maintained and definitely an attribute to the property.
Maria Herrarte and her mother, Maria Martinez, are the gardeners here while husband, Josue, readily admits that he just mows the grass.  But, there is a considerable amount of lawn area here being on a corner lot and his lawn is healthy and well manicured.  We congratulate the whole family for having a beautiful property on a prominent corner in Tantallon.
Honorable Mention goes to 1308 Swan Creek Road for continued maintenance to their property which underwent a complete transformation in 2007 and received our award at that time.
(Jean Rositol, Ann Farson, and Janet Crews)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer 2014 Landscape Award

The Summer 2014 Landscape Award, selected in late July, goes to Linda and Thomas Bateman of 12725 Parkton Street.  This corner house has continued to capture our attention as the landscaping evolves.  Some of the key features that make it a head turner are the varying shades of green, starting with the cool tones of liriope by the mailbox that are smartly offset by warm hues of taller shrubbery set behind.  The variety of plants and shrubs is neatly manicured, obviously due to the attentiveness of the homeowners, but also due in part to their wise selection of some lower maintenance elements. Even the garage is elegantly framed by topiaries, including an artfully trimmed holly, and begonias, all of which impart a natural softening element to the prominent fa├žade of their Tudor style house.
Begonias are stippled elsewhere throughout the yard providing an accent of reliable red color amidst the summer heat.  The foundation plants are in groupings which successfully escort the eye down the walk and across the front bay window.  To the left, an island is populated by both mature and younger trees, the latter of which is encircled by shrubs and grasses.  The trees serve as an anchor to the corner lawn in addition to providing shade, but without obscuring the entrance.  Potted plants leading up the front steps provide a welcome feeling and continue the message of gardeners at heart in residence. (Karin Thomas and Joyce Hawkins)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spring 2014 Landscape Award

The early spring landscape award goes to Norman and Carol McDaniel of 12535 Monterey Circle.  Their brick home is surrounded by mature trees that will provide welcome shade in summer, but in early spring let the sun shine on the dogwoods and azaleas attractively placed in the yard. The trees are neatly mulched but the mulch is properly applied and doesn't overpower the landscape.
The pots of red geraniums on the porch draw the eye to the front door and will help to transition the yard from the color provided by the azaleas.  The laciness of a nandina bush and the ornamental cherry tree on either side of the front porch provide a variety of shapes while allowing light through to the windows behind them.
There is a well- designed shade garden to the left of the yard bordered by attractive stone and nicely planted between the trees.  While the Beautification Committee looks mainly at the front landscape, glimpses of the back yard through the fence entice the eye with more azaleas and dogwood.  A beautiful spring landscape (selected during the first week in May) that will transition well into the other seasons! (Marge Stevens & Rosemary Weller)

Fall 2013 Landscape Award

Again the beautification committee saw many impressive landscapes worthy of an award. This fall the Landscape of the Month Award goes to the property of William and Pamela Terrell at 1300 Swan Creek Road.
The front has a very pleasant appeal with crape myrtle trees that add a lovely proportion to other shrubs and plants in the yard.  The view moves the eye down a brick sidewalk to the front door of the home.  Just outside the front door are beds with nandinas and azaleas. There had been some annual flowers in the beds that were recently cleaned out for the fall. Liriope plants, sedum, and coral bells also add a beautiful welcome to the front yard. Congratulations to the Terrells – keep up the great gardening you are doing (Ann Farson and Lydia Barbour)